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Winshare's store operations and services segment emphasizes user operation. With vertically integrated network as the backbone and reading services as the spearhead, through an "Internet +" model the company initiated a complete overhaul of its end-user services, significantly expanded organizational services and actively cultivated cultural innovation and emerging business areas. Through pivots, breakthroughs and growth, Winshare has positioned itself as a nation-leading cultural services turnkey solution provider.

Winshare created a vertically in-depth store operation and service network system. A grid comprised of 153 stores, totaling 115,000 square meters in retail space, encompasses the provincial capital, prefecture-level cities, county-level cities and local communes throughout Sichuan. The network includes various types of outlets, including composite cultural complexes offering multiple services, mega bookstores in downtown areas, medium- and small-size stores, as well as thematic bookstores that function as meeting points for urban-dwellers - the "Winshare Xuan Ke Hui - Style Bookstore". Other creative actions were taken, such as free lending of new books (school re-purchase) + maker-space (cultural innovation original creations) + campus bookstores with reading services, as well as the establishment of one-stop experiential reading spaces that incorporate children's books, creative gifts, children entertainment, children experiences and cultivating education. There are also community bookshops that provide free book lending, cultural activities and various other convenient services.

Other than forging franchise chains and brands famous in and outside of the province, Winshare serves to children and young juveniles through more than 800 points of sales in big-name department stores and supermarkets including Walmart, Carrefour, CS Vanguard and RT Mart, selling goods ranging from books and children brain development items to early childhood education products.

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