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The printing and production business is a middle segment in Winshare's publishing industry chain, and is mostly responsible for copyright rental and outsourced printing for Sichuan primary and secondary school textbooks, as well as the production and processing of Winshare's own products. With Sichuan Publishing and Printing Co., Ltd. as platform, and internally linked with printing and production companies such as Sichuan Printing Materials Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., while externally collaborating with over 60 printing houses, Winshare has built an all-round teaching and support materials production and branding system. In the past few years, Winshare printing has relied on printing and production information platform management methods to ascertain realization of goals such as prompt delivery of textbooks, improvement in product quality and reduction in production costs. Active exploration and determined implementation gradually led to a socially beneficial and economically profitable unified management model noted for its sustained growth in the printing business, guaranteed quality in its products, controllable production costs and sharing of information platform resources. As of 2015, Winshare has accomplished the mission of "textbook arrival before class starts" for 37 consecutive years, and has earned an esteemed societal reputation for winning the First Prize at the prestigious People's Education Press National Textbook Printing Quality Assessment and Competition.

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