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Winshare owns 13 newspaper and periodical brands, with contents involving culture, fashion, children, science and technology, education and the publishing industry. In 2015, Winshare published 192 issues of periodicals and 395 issues of newspaper. During this mass media transitional period, Winshare newspaper and periodical section will focus on its core product lines, leverage on Winshare's full-spectrum media platform, tap the wisdom from its media platforms consolidation and development experiences, and create a Winshare mass media product cluster. The company will stimulate bold and innovative actions, explore creative products in new media, and encourage cross-industry development. By relying on actual activities and events as channels, and with industry growth as target, Winshare will form an online-offline full media product chain. A zealous approach to exploring a diversified publishing model that incorporate new media elements is gradually yielding a multi-faceted form of development. By the end of 2015, Winshare's full media service platform has officially launched online, with the "duzhebao" website and user terminals forming a centralized and agglomerative distribution cluster, in turn realizing the early state of transformation from traditional media to new media and integrated development between traditional and new media.

Winshare newspaper and periodical will build up sustainable market competitiveness in areas such as branding and multi-format development, so as to significantly bolster the overall capacity of the company.

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