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"Winshare Education" upholds the concept of "realize the future with heart" and implements the "twin channel" strategy that combines offline channels and online platforms. The company is dedicated to the research, development, production, promotion and services of textbooks, education informatization service, teaching equipment and education consulting that caters to primary and secondary school education, so as to create a professional education service operation platform.

Ever since 1979, Winsharers have always ensured prompt delivery of its primary and secondary school teaching materials every semester, subsequentlyaccomplishing the political endeavor of ensuring "textbooks for each student, arrival before class starts". With a reservoir of decades of high-level education resources and frontline teaching resources, Winshare has allocated considerable efforts to the research, development, marketing and services of high-quality education books, extracurricular reading materials and other related products. From pre-school to high school, a complete product and service system for foundational education materials has been established.

Winshare stays ahead of the trends of the time and relies on technological innovation to promote industry transformation and improvement. "U-Class digital classroom" symbolizes a series of education informatization services and products. Such education informatization system solutions cover an array of applications from teaching environment and tools to contents and services, and have been adopted by more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, contributing to the improvements in the balanced development of education, academic management, teaching quality and overall competency of students. The establishments of "U-Class education service cloud platform", "Sichuan province education resources public service platform" and other categories or levels of education platforms are the driving force behind the rapid progress in education modernization and informatization.

Winshare responded actively to the demands for educational tools during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period and founded the Education Equipment Center in March 2016, signifying the company's formal entry into the education equipment business area. Serving the whole nation, the company will focus on the two segments of standardized academic discipline products and academic discipline solution, which has revolutionized the educational equipment industry's conventional hardware-based methods. Professional institutions and educators serving institutions from kindergartens to high schools will be empowered with holistic solutions for in-class teaching, including standardized teaching equipment, exercise books, library quality books, discipline-specific classrooms, maker-space and other continual services.

Upholding the responsibility of corporate citizenship, Winshare Education strives to contribute to education and the society. Every year, the company collaborates with education, research, editing, publishing and technology entities to organize various forms of training and exchanges that caters to school teachers and academic management personnel. Every level of the company organizes "realizing small village dreams", "campus culture enhancement" and other large-scale featured activities, along with numerous other public welfare undertakings, so as to care for and support school construction, teacher development and student growth in villages and rural, poverty-stricken and ethnic minority regions.

Forging ahead with innovation, sharing mutual benefits, Winshare adheres to the central administration's developmental plans for the cultural and education industries. By focusing on actual needs, grasping current and future trends, exploring and innovating, Winshare orchestrates a new tune for education services!

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