Busineses in Winshare's e-commerce sector is carried out via its shareholding subsidiary Sichuan Winxuan Online E-commerce Co., Ltd. (henceforth "Winxuan Online"). Winxuan Online is one of the country's earliest publishing industry companies to adopt e-commerce operations and among the first to obtain Internet publication license. The company is mainly engaged in e-commerce, e-books, publication supply chain services and other Internet-related businesses. Under the Winxuan Online structure are three major brands, namely the physical books online sales platform winxuan.com, digital content push notification platform 9yue.com, and the "publication collaborative exchange platform", a third-party online collaborative trading and exchange platform for the publishing industry. Since its inception, Winxuan Online has experienced explosive growth and average annual increase in sales for the past five years reached 87%.

Winxuan.com has more than 300 franchise online outlets, including "Winxuan flagship stores" on platforms such as tmall, Jingdong Mall, dangdang, amazon and ireader, with a regular stock of 700,000 books covering a diverse range of topics. Sales has risen rapidly and during the "Double 11" (November 11) popular e-shopping day of 2015, winxuan.com's single day sales revenue, based on pre-discount pricing, surpassed 100 billion yuan, which ranked fourth on the Top Ten Online Bookstores by Sales Revenue list compiled by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

9yue.com digitizes traditional paperback books and comprehensively processes the data into e-contents. It is an online service platform that provides to the public functions and services such as book search, online reading, purchasing and sharing. The site has formed e-book copyright partnerships with over 320 publishing companies and handles more than 100,000 publications. Based on the Internet ecosystem and utilizing an intelligent and tailored customer service model, its branded "digital library" provides some 200,000 legitimate e-books and e-publications to primary and secondary school teachers and students in more than 2,000 schools throughout Sichuan, benefiting over one million primary and secondary school children.

Publication collaborated exchange platform is an Internet-based and industry professional-oriented cloud platform. It combines trading marketplace, deal matchmaking, business coordination and data services, covering all formats and every step of the business. The platform has amassed more than 800 publishing organizations and annual trading completed on the platform, calculated in pre-discount pricing, total more than RMB 3 billion.

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