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Winshare Fine Arts consolidated the resources from both Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House and Winshare Art Museum. The business model places the management of domestic and overseas artworks and operations of art museums at the center, while leaning on the advantage of its own platform to spawn new emerging businesses.

In terms of management of artworks overseas, Winshare Fine Arts created the Winshare Antike European Antique and Artwork Store, which boasts a professional fine arts consulting and purchasing team. With world arts history development as the central mantra, the team selects authentically European works or art such as oil painting, engraving, watercolor painting and ceramics.

Winshare Art Museum is a public welfare-oriented institution. Since its inception on March 18, 2011, the museum has always highlighted participation in and promotion of academic discipline establishment and cultural dissemination related to mainstream Chinese culture and contemporary Chinese art, for the goal of creating western China's most influential culture and arts exchange and exhibition platform. While attention is focused on Chinese history and changes in the diverse universe of contemporary arts development, the museum underscores the promotion of sophisticated future culture and achievements in artistic implementation.

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Winshare Music and Culture Media Co., Ltd. (henceforth "Winshare Music") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winshare and its key endeavors include online music platform operation, musical arts base establishment, music events organization and international music exchange. Currently, the company has completed the school campus original music "Xuan music" online platform. After launching and three months of trial operation, the platform is now home to more than 400 musicians and has acquired the rights to almost 700 songs. The company also succeeded in starting the school campus music event "Winshare Music - Shining Plan", which attracted over 3,000 on-site audience and 200,000 socia media views for its first show. Through linking online with offline, Winshare Music has nurtured an ideal and inspirational ecology for musical artists to create and produce new and original music, in turn allowing the company to accumulate the intellectual property to more high quality music and augment the influence of the brand. Winshare Music aims to become the biggest original music incubation platform in southwest China and even the whole nation.

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