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Winshare Investment Co., Ltd. (henceforth "Winshare Investment") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winshare and was founded with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. Covering business areas such as funds, equity investment, industrial investment and asset management, and abiding by the investment maxim of "widespread accumulation, prudent usage, meticulous planning, patient cultivation", the company emphasizes strategic investment in the cultural sector and financial investments in other fields. In addition, company undertakings also include M&A and restructuring, reforms in state-owned enterprises, public companies and New Third Board investments related to the cultural industry. Since its establishment, Winshare Investment has already accrued a portfolio of distinguished funds and companies.

As the main Winshare presence in the capital market, Winshare Investment amplifies the umbrella conglomerate's advantages in cultural industry capital and resources. The company's market orientation, professional and circumspect investment system, fastidious attitude toward investment, flexible use of financial instruments such as equity, debts and mezzanine financing, Winshare Investment has achieved innovation cooperation and development in cultural industry and other related sectors.

Through responsible investment decisions, we aspire to build Winshare Investment into a household name in the cultural industry investment circle, to create a capital cluster that covers multiple niches of the cultural sector, and to continuously promote the innovative development and resource optimization within the cultural and related industries.

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