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Winshare operates 12 book, audio and visual media digital online product publishing units. Adhering to a quality-first publication principal, in 2015 Winshare published nearly 5,000 books and almost 50 online audio andvisual media digital products.

In recent years, the impact of Winshare's publications continues to increase and a plethora of distinguished publications have garnered excellent social reputation and financial returns. Lei Feng, Let Lan Hui Tell the World, Contemporary History of Chinese Borders, Chunying and many other literatures have been honored with national-level accolades such as Ideology and Ethics Promotion "Five Ones Project" Award from the Publicity Department of the CPC and China Publishing Governmental Award Book Award. The “Boonie Bears” series, The Lessons of History, Mixiaoxuan Goes to School, Zhandui and other publications have received universal acclaim among readers and continue enjoying strong sales. In recent years, Winshare has made substantial contributions in the "going abroad" endeavors and has exported nearly 400 copyrights of books to the US, Russia, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and numerous other European and Asian countries.

Winshare values the integrated development of media, placing profound emphasis on quality content-oriented publishing in multiple formats and through multiple channels. The company is exploring the possibility of fully digitized publishing platform so as to realize digitized integration of the entire process, from production to operation to management. Winshare aspires to form a modern publishing corporation with content resources operation as the core, multiple forms of product development, multiple channels of distribution, international vision and domestic clout.

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