Theme Bookstore (Winshare’s Home)

As the best place for receiving visitors in the city, the Theme Bookstore focuses on its brand building and user maintenance. By highlighting its theme and improving its impact on market segmentation, it aims to establish a cultural exchange and service platform. Based on the operation mode of free of charge and paid, it attracts customers with its differentiated products and various brand cultural activities. It designs the combination of products and services. Different stores have different styles. Implementing differential operation strategies, the Theme Bookstore divided the market into several small segments according to the requirements of different customers.


  • Tangba Street 24 hours Store

  • Winshare Xuan Ke Hui - Jianshe Road Store

  • Winshare Xuan Ke Hui - Luodai Store

  • Winshare Xuan Ke Hui - Shudu HuayuanStore

Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd.

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